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Looking too young for my age

Posted by JuneLinMilliam - August 19th, 2011

It seem like I get that a lot when someone look at my photo ID or if they were to meet me for the first time then ask how old I am. I do not think it is a bad thing because I can not see myself with gray hair lol. Most of the time it is a male who would say it to me so I think it is funny.

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wow. your dad sounds like a great man. have fun today!

Then again I am his only child. Thanks for the comment.


Nice post, miss.
Thanks for the buddy add, and happy belated (almost a month later, lol) birthday.

* salutes *

- Ziro out.

I hate being id I am 29 y/o do I look under 18. o.0

That is how it is lol.

tell your father to be on the look out i am coming for him.....

Alaska is a cold place lol so have fun.

i am pretty sure i can take your father in an arm wrestling battle

Maybe in the next 20 years you can lol.

ohh do a juri soundboard :)

I will and all from the game should be done by 2012. She is new like el fuerte and crimson viper so it will be made sometime after the SFA and III characters.

hello mr.pickles we meet again

I think mr. pickles is a cat right lol?

Someday a pedo will fall in love With your young beauty. Hopefully you won't need pepper spray

people usually give void flatters to things they want to bone

Lookin too yound for your age is definitely a good thing. I'm 18, and I feel so old. XD

Now that is funny lol. Nice newgrounds you have!

You seriously make the best soundboards on newgrounds! Should've been here years ago pretty lady.

Alright then, good luck. :)

You make incredible soundboards here! Good job! Well deserved for 50+ fans.

Happy Belated (30th) Birthday! Anything going on worthy of a new post?

Thanks but I do not get what you mean. This news post is 2011 and my birthday was in August. I think you may have the wrong user here.

Come on you've got to be done with the Deadpool soundboard by now. Show it to us!

Some people in life are younger then what there age suggests, yet I also notice that some people even sound older then what there age is, the same can also be said with the other way around (I know a 65 year old dude who sounds younger then what his age is).

The one thing I'll surly point out here is that people are people, everyone is meant to be different from one another, even if one group of people share one similar taste if not a series of similar taste.

It's the way life itself is, I'll even tell you for sure some people say I'm younger then 30 years old and I also know one other woman who also state she's younger then her age suggest, she too was around her 30s and she still gets carded when she attempts to buy beer.

That is very true. Nice newgrounds level and rank you have! Thanks for the comment!

I don't make prank calls myself but I do I enjoy listening to them and I just wanted to say that I love the soundboards you make. I often play them whenever I need a pick me up.

I had gotten 50+ request to make the SSFIV and MvsC3 soundboards lol. As of now I been trying to get a user who make soundboards to help me with the look for the UMvsC3 soundboards. I will do them on my own if I can not find anyone but would love to see a user new ideas with mine on making them.

miss u makin soundboards here :-( you and that venom9808 dude are the best and my favorites.